Green Frog on the Town

Green Frog Bike Rental ambassador frogs take a trip downtown

A Passion for Care

Spot to showcase a senior-living community’s commitment to care

Muscle Power

Promo for a service-industry product manufacturer

Crowdfunding Campaign

Informational video for new apparel product

Transportation Article

Intro for personal-transit article

Call-to-Action Article

Intro for article on call-to-action phrases

Social-Media Article

Intro for article on social-media strategy

High-School Intern Article

Intro for article on interning in high school

Unicycle Football League

A new team starts making waves early in the season

Research Conference

A look at a multidisciplinary research conference and the experience of participants

CoSearch Overview

Overview video for the CoSearch research summit event

ACS Central Texas Centennial

Centennial celebration event of the American Chemical Society Central Texas Local Section

Photo Company

Promotional video for a photography company

Camp Entrepreneur Promo

Promo and informational video for the Camp Entrepreneur startup

Mockumentary Short

Meet the San Marcos Basket Weaving Society

App Design

Prototype for a location scouting mobile application put together while testing out the beta version of Adobe Experience Design